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• Ever since the hospital was open in 1990, the health examination wards have existed to satisfy the demand of our customers.

• The old emergency room was renovated in 2005 and the health examination ward was open in July, 2005, to serve more customers.

• After the physician Ma Guong Yuan became the director of the health examination center, the health examination center became an independent task force unit, and the packages for the health examinations have been versatile. In addition to a standard medical examinations, the center increased the number of packages it offers to include: elite, cardiovascular, brain and cancer prevention. Now, examinees may have more choices that fit their needs.

• On March 31, 2011, use of a 3T MRI was officially included in the health screening services. The latest panoramic 3T MRI greatly enhanced high-end video image quality and therefore health examinations. In the same year, on July 7th,  the inauguration ceremony and the press conference attracted a number of media reports.

• In May, 2012  Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital health examination center commissioned TAITRA Taiwan mainland reporters to undergo health examinations - the results established the hospital's quality conclusively.

• In June, 2012, the Veterans General Hospital medical team participated in the Foreign Trade Association's exhibition in Chengdu, Sichuan. Its service has reached out to the other side of the China.

• In August, 2013, after undergoing a reorganization, Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital health examination center has become an independent top tier unit.