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5 easy steps to choose the physical check-up suitable for you.
Step 2:Choose your package.
Examination ItemsContentHalf-Day Examination Package
Examination ItemsContentHalf-Day Examination Package
General Examination
.Height .Weight .Body Fat .Blood Pressure .Body Temperature.Pulse Rate .Respiratory Rate
Physical Examination
.Neck .Heart .Nervous System .Chest .Breast .Limbs .Abdomen
Blood Test
.RBC .WBC .Hb .Platelets.Hct
WBC differential count
.(Neutrophils) .(Lymphocytes) .(Monocytes) .(Basophils) .(Eosinophils)
.RBC .WBC .Urine Protein .Urine Glucose.Casts.Epithelial Cell
Stool Analysis
Blood Biochemical Feature
(1) Liver Function

.SGOT .SGPT .Bilirubin .Albumin.Serum Protein.GGT

(2) Kidney Function
.BUN .Creatinine .UA
(3) Electrolytes
.Calcium .Sodium .Potassium
(4) Diabetes
.FBS .Hb Alc
(5) Uric acid test
(6) Blood Lipids
.Total Cholesterol .HDL-C .LDL-C .TG
Thyroid Function
.Free T4.HS-TSH
.Hepatitis B Surface Antigen .Hepatitis B Surface Antibody .Hepatitis C Antibody
C-Reactive Protein
.Inflammatory Marker. Atherosclerotic Related Diseases
Tumor Marker
Marker of (1) Hepatic Cancer+ Marker of (2) Colon Cancer
Marker of (3) Breast Cancer+Marker of (4) Ovarian Cancer
.CA-153 .CA-125
Marker of (5) Pancreatic Cancer
Marker of (6) Prostate Cancer
Marker of (7) Potential Nasopharyngeal Cancer
Marker of (8) Epithelial Cancer
Heart Test
12-Lead ECG
Plane and color doppler scan- Heart structure analysis and heart function evaluation.
(4)CT Coronary Angiography
3D Reconstruction Technique- To visualize coronary artery.
(4)CT Coronary Angiography
3D Reconstruction Technique- To visualize coronary artery.
To evaluate the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
Screen lower limb artery disease
Ultrasonic Examination
(1)Abdominal Ultrasonic Scan
To detect diseases in liver, gall bladder, kidney, pancreas and spleen.
Thyroid Ultrasound
Throid structure scanning
Carotid Ultrasonic Scan
To evaluate the level of narrowing in carotid artery.
Gynecological Ultrasonic Scan
To detect diseases in uterus, ovary and bladder
Monogram of lower abdomen
Detect airway bladder and prostate disorder
Chest X-ray Image
To detect diseases in heart and chest.