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The Best Choice

Professional and advanced medical equipment

☆ Multi-slice computed coronary heart tomography can detect whether there is blockage or a narrowing of coronary arteries, a stenosis situation.
☆ Painless gastroscopy and colonoscopy health check up

 Dedicated Professional Service Team

☆ Professional nurses are responsible for the consultation, follow-up health check up, as well as referral services.
☆ Integrated Medical Center resources provide a complete check up service after a patients' health examination.

Trustworthy National Affirmation

Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital medical team received numerous National Quality Awards, Premium Medical Center's evaluation has been regraded excellent, and is the only public medical center in the Kaohsiung and Pingtung area. Its medical team also has won the people's trust in the southern region.

☆ Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital has won the "Reader's Digest Reputation Award" for six consecutive years.

☆ 2012 The hospital's Department of Infectious Diseases received the SNQ National Quality award with the theme of: "Clean Hands Protect Life - Potentially Within 20 Seconds".

☆ 2012 The hospital's Division of Gastroenterology received the "SNQ National Quality" award for the theme: "Be the global leader in sterilization".

☆ Our nursing department's quality control team won the "Potential Award", awarded by the Consortium Legal Hospital Accreditation Quality Promotion Committee under the theme of: "The 13th Medical Quality Award", under the category of Advanced theme improvement. The department competed with the themes: "Reducing the rate of ICU -2 central venous catheter bloodstream infection" (the antibacterial band) and "Improving the rate of pain control in cancer patients" (the caring band).

☆ Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital  won "Government Service Quality Award", with the theme "Blessed Even In Sickness", given by the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, Executive Yuan.

☆ Our emergency department, the Emergency Medical Disaster Response Team, won the "2009 National Quality" award as well as the "2009 National Biotechnology and Medical Care Quality" bronze medal. Our hospital's  emergency medical and rescue team is well recognized.

☆ Our Cardiovascular Hospital Medical Center with its "Myocardial Infarction Holistic Care Team" won an "SNQ National Quality" award.